RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2019 – GCYFRG Call for session proposals

Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group (GCYFRG) – CALL FOR SESSION PROPOSALS

The RGS-IBG announced its call for sessions for the 2019 Annual International Conference. GCYFRG is pleased to follow this with a call for sessions for sponsorship by the research group which will be badged as official GCYFRG sessions in the full programme. Please find below all of the relevant details. Please note proposals for sessions should be emailed to me (tracy.hayes.ac.uk) by 19 December.

GCYFRG members and those of the geographical and related communities are invited to propose sessions. We welcome joint sessions with other research groups. Proposals should relate to our general interest in the geographies of children, young people and families (https://gcyfrg.wordpress.com/about/), ideally linking this to the 2019 conference theme (although this is not absolutely necessary).

Location: RGS London
Dates: Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 August 2019, with pre-conference events on Tuesday 27 August 2019
Conference chair: Professor Hester Parr (University of Glasgow, UK),
Conference Theme: Geographies of trouble / geographies of hope.

Sessions may take the form of presented papers, panels, practitioner forums, discussions or workshops. Innovative sessions and formats are encouraged. A small number of sessions containing Skype or other distance presentations can be supported.

To propose a session to be sponsored by GCYFRG, or for questions about GCYFRG sponsored sessions, please contact Tracy Hayes, GCYFRG Conference Officer at tracy.hayes@cumbria.ac.uk.

Session proposals will be reviewed by members of the GCYFRG committee, and you will be informed by the end of December if your session will be sponsored by GCYFRG. You will then be able to circulate a call for papers for your session.

Proposals should be submitted by 14 December 2018 and should comprise
(i) Title of session, with Name and Contact Details for Session Convenors.
(ii) Name of Co-sponsoring groups, if applicable.
(iii) Abstract, outlining scope of session – max of 300 words.
(iv) Number of session timeslots that are sought – usually a max. of 2 timeslots per session, with each timeslot comprising 100 minutes.
(v) Indication, if known, of preferred organization of session, e.g. 4 x 20min presentation, plus 20min discussion or 5 x 15min presentation, with 5min question for each, etc.
(vi) Indication, if known for any non-standard arrangements, e.g. video-conferencing.


  • End of December: Committee Decisions regarding sessions (convenors will be emailed by this date). Convenors can start to advertise sessions and 1st call for papers. Sessions will be emailed around the GCYFRG membership and beyond.
  • 18 January: Follow up call for papers via GCYFRG mailing list.
  • 11 February: Deadline for papers to sponsored sessions. Full session details (i.e. all papers and authors) must be emailed to the GCYFRG Conference Officer by this date.
  • 15 February: GCYFRG Conference Officer to send all finalised sessions to RGS-IBG for inclusion in the final conference programme.
  • 2 July: Publication of final programme on the RGS-IBG conference website.

If you have any questions please do get in touch with Tracy Hayes (GCYFRG Conference Officer – tracy.hayes@cumbria.ac.uk).

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