Chair: Sarah Mills, Loughborough University (

Secretary: Catherine Walker, University of Manchester ( )

Treasurer: Helena Pimlott-Wilson, Loughborough University (

Conference Officer: Tracey Hayes, University of Cumbria  (

Website Officer: Sonja Marzi, (

For all web-related enquires please use:

Awards Officer: Sophie Hadfield-Hill, University of Birmingham (

Postgraduate Liaison Officer: Rachel Searcey, Loughborough University (

Postgraduate Liaison Officer: Amy Mulvenna, University of Manchester, (

Membership Secretary: Caroline Day, University of Portsmouth (

Education Officer: John McKendrick, Glasgow Caledonian University (

Early Career Officer: Nadia von Benzon, Plymouth University ( )

Social Media Officer: Mark Holton, Plymouth University, (

Workshop Officer: Tara Woodyer , University of Portsmouth, (


Ordinary committee members: Joe Hall, University of Brighton; Louise Holt, Loughborough University; Sarah Holloway, Loughborough University; Matt Benwell, University of Liverpool; Emma Wainwright, Brunel University.


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