If you are currently a member or fellow of the RGS-IBG and would like to join GCYFRG, please visit and complete the necessary joining form.

If you are not a member of RGS-IBG, you can join by contacting Caroline Day ( We now encourage a one-off voluntary donation towards the work of GCYFRG as a new member (for non-RGS fellows).  The suggested donation is £5 for academic/waged and £3 for postgraduate/unwaged and you can pay via online banking transfer (A/C no. 65213955 ; sort code 089299) using the payment reference “GCYFRGnew”.  For examples of activities supported by the research group, please see our news page or follow us on twitter @gcyfrg.  We encourage all those on our JISC mailing list (details below) to join GCYFRG as members.

Becoming a member of the group enables you to take part in and help develop the exciting, innovative work that the group engages in. Participation in activities developed and supported by the group are excellent ways to disseminate research findings and develop new research ideas in a supportive and friendly group environment. Many have found these activities particularly useful in enabling new and established researchers to develop routes to publication, for example within journal special issues and edited book collections developed through the work of the group.

The group also has a JISC mailing list whereby announcements are made to education and research communities about the group’s workshops, conferences and publications. It also provides a forum for the discussion and debate of issues of interest to the group.  Please click on the link and follow the instructions to join the list.  Once you have joined, you can e-mail the group at